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International logistics 

Opening the way for secure logistics to the Military & Defence industries.


International Experience

As a global freight forwarder, LSS is entrusted by leading Defence firms and governments to securely transport military goods (including weapons, firearms & Class 1 explosives) to any destination across the world.

Our in-house fleet of security-enhanced vehicles and highly qualified/government vetted staff allows us to offer a truly integrated approach with freight forwarding, one that allows us to maintain our prestigious high-quality level of service and responsiveness throughout.

Every task is overseen by our operations team who provide key updates from start to finish. Charter operations are handled personally by very experienced directors.

By Land, Sea, or Air

With over 20 years of experience across all modes - Road, Sea and Air, our dedicated team can successfully handle any global logistical challenge.

For shipments such as military goods, we have vast experience with recognising the intricacies required to move such items across the world. This includes transit licences, export/import licences, competent authority documents, port/airport explosive limitations, overflight permissions and liaison with overseas armed forces and government agencies.

With our experienced and passionate operations team, we are able to coordinate and execute shipments irrespective of their origin, destination or complexity. 

Our extensive global network of appropriately qualified and vetted partners allows us to ensure first-class service for our clients. We have the ability to accommodate shipments of any size and complexity, varying from small consignments of protectively marked materials to the chartering of aircraft for explosives and arms.

International Services



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