Our EXII Fleet

Agile secure support

We have a fleet of EXII specialised vehicles perfect for smaller consignments. Every vehicle has an ADR certification to EXII level. Their smaller size and greater speed allows them to effectively respond when a Required Delivery Date (RDD) is of upmost priority. Our EXII vehicles are also cost-effective, as they run more efficiently.

Our Total Guarding System

Our Total Guarding System initiative has enhanced the security of our EXII fleet as regulations have tightened. We have invested in designing bespoke cages for our fleet in order to transport Section 5 and ADR Class 1 in full compliance with UK MoD Regulations.

We have developed our own security solution in a working group on behalf of the UK MoD. The new structurally enhancing unit is a robust feature of our EXII vehicles. Defence customers and customs officials have had an extemely positive reception to the Total Guarding System. As with our EXIII Ekeri trailers, this level of security raises the bar and we expect will become the industry standard in due course.

EXII fleet key features

  • ADR EXII certified
  • 24/7 real-time vehicle GPS tracking
  • Total Guarding System (integral steel construction/deadlocks)
  • MoD approved alarm
  • Complete central locking
  • Double/Single manned (SC)
  • Unique airborne markings
  • Professionally fitted “Thatcham Approved” deadlocks on external access doors
  • Exterior seal mounting points (unique seals are provided for total security)
  • Escort vehicles with established procedure and experienced operators

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